Friday, 31 October 2014

How To Facebook Earn money

By Tahir Ahmed  |  07:11 No comments

How to facebook work?

how to advertisement work.

facebook official that they were earn 85% from Advertisement. Special that type of ads which were appear on your profile page and main page right or left side and they actual spend one million dollar yearly for improve facebook for there visitor and they take information from your post and contain and they use this information for advertisement.
When you click on like button and write a statement or watch\listen any video and visit any fan page contain and go back without click on like button as well as monitor your activities on facebook. and then they decide to appear or not ads in your facebook page  and they collect that type of information from there all visitor what ever device they use desktop laptop mobile or tablet and then they make a social graph  for every one visiter

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Author: Tahir Ahmed

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